The Paradoxical Philosophy of a Deranged Mind

Study for eight years to earn three university degrees and then spend the rest of your life working for a $13,000 annual salary.

Don’t buy a house or have kids; be a selfish, self-centered prick and leave your wife for months at a time.

When the government sends you a rebate check, spend it on tattoos and marijuana.

Put money into a retirement account and then die prematurely due to your risky behavior.

When economic times are tough, quit your job and move to a new state.

Spend your days picking up loose change and aluminum cans off the street then blow $50 for gasoline to drive up into the mountains for some mediocre outdoor recreation.

Ignore your conscience and the urging of your friends to become a writer and wallow in your unemployed self-loathing while spewing out your juvenile diatribes on to the world wide web.

Delude yourself into believing this creative refuse is cathartic drano for a constipated brain.

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