The story of Captain Coinstar

One day this middle-aged, jobless dude was walking the streets of a ski village near Telluride, Colorado. It was an ideal summer day and he marveled at the beautiful homes and the relaxed, happy faces.

As this observant dude was climbing some grated metal steps, he noticed silver points of light mixed in with the trash and debris below the grate. He thought about the thousands of people who climb those stairs as their litter drops between the steps.

This carefree dude continued walking through the otherwise spotless village on his way to a nearby trailhead. For the next six hours he hiked the scenic Sneffels Highline Trail (14 miles, 3500 ft elev gain). The scenery was spectacular and the dude watched two dozen elk grazing in a wildflower covered meadow above treeline.

When the tranquil dude returned to town, he searched the ground for a suitable slender stick. He scanned the sidewalks and gutters until he spotted a wad of juicy, moist gum. He attached the sticky wad to the end of the stick and headed back to the metal stairs. After a few industrious minutes of fishing, this enterprising dude was rewarded with a pocketful of change.

After considering the remarkable events of the day, Captain Coinstar realized what a fortunate, wealthy man he is.

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