a day in the life

Today was a pivotal day in the life of mild-mannered R.A.G.

The morning began with an emotional counseling session with his long suffering partner so she could verbally tear his head off and vent her frustration and resentment.

Next, he had his dreams shattered when he received notice via email that he was not selected as a candidate for his ideal job as coordinator of the outdoor program at the local college. With a masters degree, years of search and rescue experience and a life-long passion for outdoor recreation; he was confident he would be considered a qualified candidate. The man was absolutely shocked to the core of his being when he was not granted an interview for the position.

The reality hit him like a cold face slap — his best option now was to compete with the drooling stoolies for the shit jobs making subs or delivering pizzas to the overfed masses.

Meanwhile, his alter egos were hard at work.

Spurred by the current gold & silver prices; the recently promoted Rear Admiral Coinstar was called to duty to convert some precious metal assets.

In the evening, Senator Crushcan made his usual grid search of the local schools and parks collecting aluminum cans from the high density of trash receptacles. He cruised the streets and parking lots on his bicycle slowly so he could maintain a high P.O.D.– Probability of Detection. [Techniques he learned as a member of Eugene Mountain Rescue of Oregon.]

While making his rounds, he was approached by a friendly park patron who gave him several empty cans saying, “Here, I’d rather see these get recycled.” Another group of men began chugging their beers so the senator could crush as many cans as possible.

On the way home he noticed his back tire was going flat.

later bowl tea roast adjustment atitude positive stress relief temporary cake mix batter confidence harden chaotic resolve film watch Naked Lunch absorb Burroughs Word Virus reader

flogged a blog into the night, sweet sleep.

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