James Voice, Inscrutable Joyce

around to the first. School assignment. First exposure. The Dead shall inherit the worms. Ulysses S Can’t. believe i red the hole. All in one day. The events take place, I mean. Finnegans. Wake me when its over. Incomprehensible most say. Sixteen years to write. Masterpiece of. Riddle me this. How did he? Clever. envy. Imitation is sincerest.

Thought fragments trickle. Combine,break up. Stream of sub con debris. floatingswirlingchurning. Surface river rising. Idearrhea stew spreading, excessive evacuation. Dangerous condition. Torrent metaphor floods over breaking levees. Force.Feed.Filters. Funnel confusion through cerebral faucet. Adjust the flow.

Transfer method. Old fashioned tools. Wood stick. Graphite, not led. Rubber end deletes. Scratchpaper. Coffee catalyst. Good to the. Last line wraps

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