Tween Piety in the Nation’s Capital

I say unto you, I was baptized in a large vessel behind the sacred alter of a cavernous church in thy district of columbia. Whereas my Sunday school indoctrination was monumentally unsuccessful; yea verily, my tweenage social education was pursued vigorously at youth group activities.

Let it be known, one Saturday there wont a sleepover in the basement for boys and girls of a certain age of which I was one. O the virtuous sleep of innocent lambs was far from our thoughts for the devilish temptation of mischief overcame our willing sensibilities.

When the hour was late and the chaperone to bed, we set out to explore the secret corners of our lords majestic temple of faith. Lo and behold, a room was discovered did contain the long flowing robes of the heraldic choir. With haste we did don the attire of the righteous and marched boldly onto the strange, enticing streets of the city.

And it came to pass, after hours of random wandering, street corner serenades and mad rushes to avoid capture; the stars did fade and a new day dawned.

Despite our wickedness, God the merciful did grant our return be not witnessed. Our reputations unsoiled, we returned to our parents in time for the Sunday Worship Service. Tho the sermon exist not in my memory; yet the stain on my soul from that sinful night hath remained forever and ever. Amen.

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