LMSC Work Review #1

Comliance Matrix Derived test requirements for Link-11, Automatic Data Extract, Declass, Fleet Broadcast, Engagement Planning, Message Interface Sub-program, WSN-5 and Data Base Management from the test spec, Test Procedure, PPS and bulletized test requirements documents. Trailed the Test Requirements from PPS through Test Procedure.

Mr X who just started with Lockheed has shown that he can fit into the Systems Engineering section very well. He is a self-starter and requires very little extra support from his supervisors once the primary job assignment is defined.

Arts Data Base Transferred test requirements (see item above) from documents (PPS, TS, TP) to Automated Requirements Traceability System (ARTS) data entry sheets for implementation into the ARTS Data Base.

Mr X has done a very good job in supporting this effort.

Bulletized Test Requirements Compiled and prepared the bulletized test requirements document for release to the customer. Wrote the introduction to the bulletized test requirements document. This included the purpose, scope and applicable documents section as well as the title sheet and table of contents. 

Mr X took this task over when the other team members had to support the USS Iowa. The task has been accomplished in a professional and timely manner.

Training Started becoming familiar with Systems Engineering and CWCS. Read documents and took an engagement planning training class. Became familiar with ARTS. Read over ARTS User’s Manual, completed some of the training exercises in it.

For a new employee Mr X has shown the other members of the Systems Engineering Test and Evaluation Group he is willing to learn and support any task that may be given to him.


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