LMSC Work Review #2

Block I PPS Developed requirements for TASM waypoint edit and TLAM waypoint/launch basket functions of the Block I engagement planning enhancements. Defined and identified requirements in appropriate sections of the Block I program performance specification. Supported these functions in engagement planning preliminary design review.

Mr X has continued to expand his knowledge of the TWCS and is consistently willing to delve into new areas of the software. His research ability and rapid understanding have permitted his completion of these tasks ahead of schedule and producing an above average product.

Block I Test Specs Developed Test Requirements for TASM waypoint edit, TLAM waypoint/launch basket, and TLAM over-the-water altitude control functions of the Block I engagement planning enhancements. Defined and identified test requirements in Block I test specification documents.

Mr X was able to produce comprehensive test specifications which were readily understandable and should lead to better than average test procedures.

USS New Jersey SBSIT Supported the TB 6.02 Rev. G Shipboard Systems Integration Test on the USS New Jersey in Long Beach California. Performed data extract/analysis of the daily test data.

Although relatively new to the program at the time this task was performed, Mr X pursued the task with enthusiasm and performed the task well.

Comments Mr X has consistently demonstrated his ability to work efficiently and with minimum supervision. He has been readily willing to tackle any task and demontrated a degree of professionalism not expected of an engineer with relatively limited experience.

Goals: Improve skills in public speaking and delivery of presentations. 


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