another day in the life

Woke up for good @ 7. Slept late, no reason. Coffee kick start, same as always.

Return to wire stripping project. Copper wire: valuable at recycling center. Picked up wiring yesterday from a tossed out washing machine. Tedious job- separating wire from insulation, cutting up power cord. Fingers sore, lost some skin off knuckles banging the table when aggressive pull broke free.

Take out marinating chuck roast from refrigerator. Meat was a gift from generous friends in Durango. Put in oven to slow cook.

Walk with wife to library for daily computer time. Check email, blog, new facebook account. Some old friends agree to be new facebook friends. Check job sites. See new ad for paper delivery job. Walk over to Daily Sentinel bldg, fill out short application.

Back home, finally get a hold of woman on the phone I interviewed with last week for McAlister’s Deli minimum wage job. The interview took all of five minutes, I asked most of the questions. Emphasized my years of customer service experience. She complained about the teen-age slackers she wants to replace. On the phone she tells me all their positions are filled but I can apply again in a few weeks.

STUNNED. SHOCKED. Catastrophically Disappointed. You’ve got to be kidding me. Can’t even get a minimum wage restaurant job competing against tweeky teens? Black depression descends like a lead blanket. Five months of job hunting, what to show for it?

Wife tries to be consoling but I’ve hit a ditch, gone off the rails, ship is going down. Strong urge to consume intoxicants, for various reasons that is not possible.

Only one thing left to do to feel productive, give a sense of purpose, accomplishment, freedom => make my rounds and scavenge the city.

Leave the house, spot a partial rainbow curving out of a cloud towards the ground. Find a quarter near a vending machine at the college. A can here, a few more there, they start to add up. Trees are vibrant with yellow and red fall colors. See a dime in the parking lot at Lincoln Park. A dozen beer cans in the trash by the golf course. Discarded liscense plates, any kind of metal. Thankful for the junior high schoolers and their 24 oz Arizona Teas and Rockstar energy drinks. Skateboard park is a reliable score. More copper wiring in an empty lot. Sun is setting, time to head home, arms full of salvageable items.

HOME: Loving wife, lovable cats, hot meal, comfy couch, relaxing intertainment.

No self pity, No need sympathy, No have regrets — Its just another day in the life.


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