The Big Haul

We can’t help but to proudly report on the weekend accomplishments of the Grand Junction chapter of Dumbster Divers Anonymous. In several marathon sessions of rubbish retrieval, the divers recovered: 59 lbs of aluminum, 23 lbs of copper, X-mas ornaments, elegant silverware & plates, and a power strip.

Our salvage soldiers were rewarded with a 10-15 cent per mile travel allowance payable in copper and silver coin found en route as well as the $3-$4 per hour wage earned from metal recovery. That aint no FICA!

Tailgating at the Mesa State home game was of special interest to the areas’ can collecting crowd. Our man made a big score against a lesser scavenger opponent when he charmed his way into a group of young male lite beer swillers and made off with their impressive cache of empties. There is an advantage to being a decent looking bum with mooch experience.

We love our local drinkers of canned beverages. The eco-unconscious of our town refuse to recycle even when the trash can and recycle bin are side-by-side. What a wonderful, disposable world.

Captain Coinstar 

Senator Crushcan

Founding  members of D.D.A., GJ Chapter                                                                       


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