AT tokin’ tales cont’d

mellow fellow hiker The Burnt Herbivore / a raconteur of buzz-worthy tales to quench my intellectual thirst for appalach drug culture

he confided to me / getting high on the trail was easy peasy japanesey i.e.,

Bad Buoy Bob & his turbulent temperament

B Herb came upon Bad Buoy Bob sitting on the side of the trail / four empty beers at his feet / one in his hand

he had an oddly bulging pack & he wore basketball shoes / soles split open / sockless toes exposed

a glazed expression as baked as an overcooked noodle casserole

he offered his last beer / Herbi dropped his dorsal load / stretched out on the grass

tried to keep up with the erratic waves of rambling monologue

beers were drained / out came the colored glass pipe / get high? sure / pass glowing bowl back & forth / argue the logic of inevitable duct tape foot-wear repairs

mutually grateful burnt offering of rescue for sympatico ships passing towards polar termini

The hero of Fullhardt Knob

the group was collected at the shelter for lunch / bitching & moaning / poor pitiful selves

along comes cool couple with glittering smiles / can we help? the man asks

any herbal analgesic? Burnt Herb dares to bark

you wanna get high? no worries he chuckles / he proceeds to roll fatties / they are handled  in rapid cycles of pursuit

another afternoon of glory for the herbal-eye eagle

The Gamers of Hidden Lake Shelter

outrunning a banal mob of herding pretensions / TBHerb discovers the nirvana of The Gamers in session

time just to share sacrament while watching the flow of cards / hand to wood table to reshuffled magic

the lemmings arrive with a cacophony of cackle / the bherb visually contacts the huddle of gamers

mahalo he waves / escaping the discordant chaos for the bliss of serenely amped ambulation

Cookie Monster / merchant of damascus

obligatory intoxication at the magnetic stew of town’s trail days festival / a fusion of scruffy characters with a common obsession

Cookie Monster emerges like the cheshire of alice / offering baked goods with the promise of starship

a dozen for bringing sunshine to the afternoon saunter / patient dosing of delicous treats turns to awareness of failure

caveat emptor on the journey NoBowhere

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