Selections from US Army Survival Manual

Lead men. Group survival tests effective leadership. Maintain leadership prestige. Use wisely. Set example. Supervise constantly. Troublemakers attract undue attention. Prevent carelessness. Fatigue. Hunger. Cold. Know yourself. Your men. Each individual’s welfare.

Primitive people especially are fond of practical jokes.

Do not wear dirty or sweaty socks. If you don’t have a clean pair, wash out those that you have on. If you have an extra pair to wear, put the washed pair inside your shirt next to your body. They will dry in a short time. If possible, wear woolen socks; they absorb perspiration.

When women are given liberty there is almost a veneral disease certainty.

flash beam of light from mirror or other shiny material : improvise mirror from ration tin or belt buckle : punch a crosshole in center of reflector : reflect sunlight from mirror to nearby surface : slowly bring to eye level : look through sighting hole

Wear as few clothes as possible.

{ white gilled mushrooms with membrane-like cups or scaly bulbs at the base }{  gilled mushrooms with white or pale milky juice }{ gilled woodland mushrooms with a smooth, flat, reddish top and white gills radiating out from the stem-like spokes }

Avoid physical contact without seeming to do so.

Dogs, cats, hedgehogs, porcupines, and badgers should be skinned and gutted before cooking. Prepare them as a stew with a quantity of edible leaves. Dog and cat livers are especially valuable.

Avoid wild buffalo because of their continued mean tempers.

tropical rain jungle \ unpleasant land to live in and travel through \ soil covered with decaying vegetation \ countless millions of leeches move \ loathsome and bothersome insects abound \ impenetrable undergrowth bars travel

Do not drink urine. It is dangerous.

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