Double Naught Legacy

  1. A new millennium of human history began with a Y2K hysteria party.
  2. The malignant Bush cabal executed the ultimate superpower grab.
  3. The 9/11 horror conspiracy shocked a nation into surrendering its illusory freedoms.
  4. Fear and lies were used to justify profitable, pre-emptive, perpetual warmongering.
  5. The Hurricane Katrina disaster exposed the government’s reluctance to aid the poor and unfortunate.
  6. The collapse of the mega-finance ponzi scheme revealed the goverment’s priority for protecting greedy corporate criminals.
  7. The overheated global warming debate raged on while global industrialization heedlessly drained the world’s petroleum resources.
  8. A country desparate for change responded to a message of hope and overwhelmingly elected a half black president.

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