January Exercise Log

A fifty year old body begins a new year of fitness

3rd   Four hour Snowshoe with Jeff & Ed to Brainard Lake. 5 miles, windy

5th   Three hour Snowshoe/ Hike with Jeff at Lily Lake & Twin Sisters Trail

8th   Hike/Run from Devil’s Kitchen Picnic Area

10th   Thirty minute Cycle, 3 sets of chin/dips, abs, stretch

11th   Five mile Trail Run at Tabeguache, 13 degrees with zero degree wind chill, sunny

12th   Eighty Minute Trail Run/Walk on Gunnison Bluffs Trail, 32 degrees, sunny, old/dry snow, 15 minute Cycle, 3 sets shoulder press, abs

13th   One hour 45 minute Trail Run from Wildwood TH, middle bench tr, sun, 20s

15th   Ninety minute Walk on Whitewater Creek Trail, sluggish, break trail through old snow

17th   One hour Trail Run on Serpent’s Trail & Devil’s Kitchen, 30 minute Cycle, 3 sets chins, dips, abs

18th   Cycle Class, One hour Trail Run at Tabeguache

19th   Yoga Class, Meditative Walking Class

20th   Cycle Class, One hour Trail Run on Monument Canyon Tr to Independence Monument, 30s, sunny, short sleeves

21st   Yoga Class

22nd   45 minute Walk, Fruita Desert Trails, wet snow & mud

23rd   Beautiful, sunny two hour, 15 minute easy Hike on Pollock Bench Trail & Flume Canyon Trail

24th   Yoga Class, 3 sets chest press, lat pull, shoulder press, abs; One hour, 15 minute Trail Run on CO Monument lower bench tr, sunny, 44 degrees, 15 bighorn sheep at 50 yds

25th   Cycle Class

26th   No Yoga, no cycle class, feeling rundown, return of the flu?

27th   Cycle Class, struggled, still fighting virus

28th-30th   Hideous flu hits hard for the second time in two months. Makes me reconsider my objection to the flu shot

31st   Yoga & Cycle Class, on the road to recovery

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