February Exercise Log

Body weight is down to 189 lbs due to flu virus

1st  Cycle class

2nd  Yoga class

3rd  Cycle class

4th  Yoga class

6th & 7th  Gave myself food poisoning

8th  Cycle class, low intensity (<200 watts)

9th  Yoga class, 3 sets chins, dips, abs (186 lbs)

10th  Cycle class, moderate intensity

11th  Yoga class, pulled muscle lower back, 2 sets chin/dip/abs, 2 sets chest press & row

12th  Snowboard @ Powderhorn, 14 runs ($56= $4 per ride), sunny & nice

13th  Three hour & 45 min Hike in snow: Old Gordon & Ribbon Trail

14th  Yoga class, legs sore from weekend

15th  Cycle class

16th  Yoga class, 3 sets chins, dips, abs; Cycle class

17th  Cycle class, felt tired, sluggish, headache; attended an instructor demo: spin & bootcamp

18th  Yoga class

20th  Three hour 15 min mud Hike: Kokopelli, Mary’s Loop, Moore Fun Trails

21st  Yoga class, 3 sets chin, dip, abs; one hour Hike: New Boots trail

22nd  Cycle class, two hour Hike: Liberty Cap & Corkscrew Trails

23rd  Yoga class (6:30 am), 3 sets chin, dip, abs (7:30 am), two hour Hike Ute Canyon (1 pm), Cycle class (6:30 pm)

24th  Cycle class, a bit tired from yesterday

25th  Yoga class

26th  One hour 45 min easy Hike on Serpent’s Trail with wife’s weight loss support group

27th  Three hour Hike/Bushwack from Devil’s Kitchen picnic area

28th  end of the herbal supplement, Cycle class

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