March Exercise Log

1st  Cycle class

2nd  Yoga class, 4 sets chins, dips, abs; Cycle class

3rd  Cycle class x 2

4th  Yoga class

5th Race Director for inaugural indoor triathlon at MSC

6th Uncle Lawrence passed away; ran to and from public library in my new Adidas trail shoes, Ed Viestur endorsed SOLE inserts, Defeet Air-e-ator socks picking up aluminum cans along the way

7th  Yoga class, 3 sets chins, dips, abs; 1.75 mile Run on indoor track (4 intervals @ 7 min pace); Cycle class

8th  Cycle class

9th  Yoga class, 3 sets chins, dips, abs; 45 min trail Run/Walk, no energy after 20 min; Cycle class

10th  Cycle class

11th-12th Road trip to Utah for wife’s birthday

13th Three hour Bushwack/Hike/Jog, summit and circumnavagation of mesa between Monument Canyon and Wedding Canyon

14th-15th Bad RAGE

16th Two hour, 45 min Hike to remote part of Monument Canyon

17th Drive to Raton, NM to meet tejas friend Rogue Botanist for an herbal hook-up. He gives me a taste from God’s Vagina called “Rancid Diesel”. Late night buzz, St Patricks beer at a downtown bar with young locals and band.

18th ALLERGY ATTACK! Two hour AM easy hike from NM to CO in Sugarite Canyon SP on Lake Maloya Tr with Rogue Botanist, his mentored orange-haired youth Joshua & unicycle. PM One hour half-mudder Hike/Jog on Dillon Pinnacles Tr.

20th 70 minute paved Run on Connected Lakes & Colorado River Tr. Liking the new shoes & fresh weed.

21st  Yoga class, 3 sets chin, dip, abs; Cycle class

22nd  Cycle class

23rd  Yoga class, 3 sets chin, dip, abs (new wt on asst machine); 75 minute pavement Run on Colorado River Trail towards Corn Lakes

24th  Cycle class

26th Two and a half hour trail Run, one hour Hike in Little Dominguez Canyon; stood within 40 yds of 20 Bighorn Sheep

27th Two hour Hike in Rough Canyon

28th  Yoga class, five sets chest, back, abs; Cycle class

29th  Cycle class, about 3 mile urban Run (1.5 from autoshop to home, 1.5 mi from home to autoshop)

30th  Yoga class, 6 X 440 yd track interval Run (1:29, 1:26, 1:33, 1:34, 1:33, 1:28)

31st  Cycle class x 3, Yoga class

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