Ode to Segment 4

A light tapping on the tent at night becomes a 3 inch snow blanket by morning.

My eager traildog “slED” arrives with a harrowing tale of his 540 degree tail-chasing approach.

We begin loping through a white, untracked landscape on an old logging road frequently blocked by blowdowns.

A tumbling TUMBLEWEED skids over a treacherous slab of powder obscured ice.

The intrepid duo trudges into an eye-stinging wind along the edge of a never-ending valley of dormant brush.

Our ravenous appetites eventually drive us to a Coney Island oasis where we jam chilidogs, elk burgers and deep-fried onions into our gaping faces.

I blissfully share this turbulent spring adventure with a roving coyote, several grazing pronghorn antelope and bighorn sheep, many calm roadside deer and dozens of elk in large and small clusters.


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