April Exercise Log

2nd Three hour 15 minute trail Run of Segment One of the Colorado Trail (15.8 miles). Met Ed at Indian Creek TH, shuttled cars. Mostly downhill shaded course, nice breezy day.

4th  Yoga class, Cycle class x 2

5th  Cycle class legs are tired, 1.6 mile easy Jog with triathlon class

6th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips, abs

7th  Cycle class, 4-3-2-1 interval track Run (7:06, 5:27, 3:25, 1:29), 3-4 min rest, strong head/tail wind; Yoga class

9th-10th Many hours standing on the street as a course marshal for Mesa State Cycling Team Mad Cow Classic bike race. Time trial and criterium Saturday, road race Sunday

11th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips, abs; Cycle class

12th  Cycle class, 1-2-3-2-1 pyramid track Run (1:35, 3:14, 5:08, 3:17, 1:28); Cycle with Triathlon class

13th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips, abs; Two hour Bike ride on the Co River Tr, lots of pollen in air

14th  Cycle class, bad allergies!, Yoga class, Cycle class

16th  Six hour, 45 min trail Run,  segments 2 & 3 of the CT with Ed (24 miles)

18th  Yoga class, Cycle class

19th  Cycle class

20th  Yoga class, Four sets chins, dips, abs; One hour easy Bike to/fro Triathlon class

21st  Cycle class, Yoga class

23rd   Tumbleweed and his trusty traildog slED Slog 17 miles in six hours to complete Segment #4 of the CT

25th  Yoga class, Cycle class

26th  Cycle class

27th  Yoga class, Three sets chest, back, shoulders, abs; 90 min trail Run on Monument bench tr, hill Run with Triathlon class

28th  Cycle class x 2, Run & cycle with Triathlon class

30th  30 minute time trial Cycle on Keiser spin bike (15 miles including warm-up, final push: 400 watts @ level 15) while waiting for no show class

Cycle (18) Yoga (11) Run (7)  Strength (5) Bike (2) Hike (1)       

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