May Exercise Log

2nd  Cycle class, 30 minute Walk on Gunny’s Loop trail for some vit D, Cycle class

3rd  Cycle class, Cycle & easy Jog with Triathlon class

4th  Yoga class, Three hour Bike ride on CO river trail to/fro/with Triathlon class & pollen

5th  Cycle class, allergies! Yoga class, 75 minute Hike on Gunny’s  Loop Trail, sunny, mid 70s, legs tired

7th  Four hour Hike in Little Bookcliffs Wildhorse Wilderness to Cottonwood Canyon, sunny & hot, bad allergies

8th  70 minute trail Run at base of Mt Garfield, hot & windy

10th  Three sets chins, dips, abs

11th  Cycle with client, Two hour Bike with Triathlon class

13th  75 minute trail Run with client on Corkscrew & Liberty Cap trail

14th  Four hour trail Run on Segment #5 of CT with slED dog. Evidence of recent wildfire & snow.

18th  Cycle workout with client

19th  Cycle workout with client, end of herbal motivation, let the rage begin

20th – 22nd  Minimal exercise, moderate drinking, strategic planning for the summer & beyond

23rd  Four sets chins, dips, abs

25th  Cycle class with clients, Two hour Bike on river trail with Triathlon class; feel weak & run down

27th  One hour trail Run with clients at Lunch Loop

28th  Eleven and a half hour, 20 mile Snowshoe of  CT (half of Segment #6) with tenacious slED dog. Very tough trek over continental divide from Kenosha Pass to Middle Fork of Swan River

30th  Easy one hour Bike to Canyon View Park and back, clients cancel ride

31st  30 min Cycle class

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