June Exercise Log

1st  Yoga class

2nd  Cycle class, Cycle class with client

4th  Two hour workout with client at Highline Lake. 16 mile Bike & 3 mile Run

6th  Yoga class, 4 sets chin, dip, abs, Cycle class

7th  Cycle class

8th  Yoga class

9th  Cycle class, minimal exercise this week due to extreme fatigue from herbal withdrawal

11th  stand & cheer trainees at Highline Hustle Triathlon, herbal relief from a friend, easy 1.5 mile Hike to Devil’s Kitchen w/Wales

12th  two hour easy, warm Hike up to No Thouroughfare canyon falls

13th  Cycle class

14th  Cycle class

15th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips

16th  Cycle class

18th  Six hour Run/hike of Segment #6 of the CT from M Fk Swan to Goldhill TH with slED. 18 miles, some snow drifts. Frisco street festival

19th  Eight and a half hour Snowshoe/hike of Segment #7 of CT with slED. 14 miles

20th  Yoga class, Cycle class

21st  Cycle class, abs

22nd  Bike commute to Orchard Mesa for balance class, hot

23rd  Cycle & abs class

25th  Three and a half hour Bike ride: CO Monument, Redlands loop from home. Sunny & warm, my first Monument loop cycle in 3 summers here.

27th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips, abs; Cycle class x 2

28th  Cycle class

29th  Yoga class, Three sets chins, dips, abs

30th  Cycle class x 2

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