November Exercise Log

1st  Cycle class, workout with Jordan

2nd  Yoga, workout with Molly, Cycle class

3rd  Cycle class

4th  Yoga, two hour needle session with TATTOO TOM

5th  volunteer at inaugural CMU Crossfit Competition

7th  Cycle class

8th  Cycle class

9th  Yoga, upper body workout with Molly, Cycle class

10th  Cycle class, two hour Hike with Adam to the Island on beautiful day

11th  Yoga

14th  Yoga, Cycle class

15th  Cycle class

16th  Yoga, 1.25 hour Hike: scramble from Devil’s Kitchen picnic area to White Nipple rock, down Serpent’s Trail, Cycle class

17th  Cycle class, 1.5 hour easy Hike on Tabeguache Tr south of Hwy 141, Mallory’s cycle class

18th  Yoga, 3 sets chins, dips, abs; 1.5 hour Hike with Karli on Corkscrew & Liberty Cap Tr

21st  Cycle class, feeling rundown, drinking too much

22nd  Cycle class

23rd  Yoga, 3 hour Hike/Run on Whitewater Tr & Cr Rd

24th  Thanksgiving in Durango with Wales & friends, Texas football

25th  Walk Animas River Tr with Wales, return of Mr Happy

26th  3.33 hour Hike/Run up Logan Wash  rd to Roan Plateau lookout

27th  2.33 hour Hike from Mt Garfield TH to ridge east

28th  Yoga, Cycle class, my weight hit 203 lb today

29th  Cycle class,  30 min leg workout with Jordan

30th  Yoga, workout with Molly, Cycle class

YTD Wilderness Hours:  362

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