Hail the mighty breakfast burrito!

The breakfast burrito is my favorite morning meal when I need a hearty caloric intake to fuel a busy day.

When I was an ignorant youth, I had no experience with mexican food and I did not realize the power contained in the pinto bean.

It wasn’t until I attended high school (briefly) in California that I purchased my first bean burrito through a take-out window on the main quad on campus.

My ethno-gastric maturity accelerated when we moved to Texas and my digestive system was exposed to the fiery jalapeno infused into TexMex food (washed down with plenty of frozen margaritas).

My habit of eating burritos for breakfast intensified while working in downtown Eugene, Oregon at the athletic club. There was a tiny Burrito Boy cantina across the street that sold tasty breakfast burritos for $3.50. I averaged 2 or 3 per week for half a decade!

[The procedure evolved to: make a call from work and just mention my name; walk across the street and my usual order would be ready when I arrived.]

Today I get my weekly fix at Bocaza Mexican Grill which is a short three blocks from my apartment.

All of the ingredients are on display behind the counter as I walk up to the senorita who takes a large flour tortilla and places it between the plates of a heat press. Then she lays the tortilla on a tinfoil sheet which she slides along the counter piling on heaping scoops of scrambled eggs, potatoes, chorizo and salsa; finally sprinkling a generous amount of grated cheese on top. She deftly wraps the mountain of food within the tortilla and foil and places it in a paper-lined plastic basket.

I grab a fistful of napkins and ice water and head to my favorite table where I watch Telemundo TV while an 80’s soundtrack intrudes from the ceiling speakers.

This is my standard ritual on days when I am going snowboarding or hiking as it satisfies the second of three ingestible ingredients in this warrior’s recipe for BREAKFAST OF CHAMPIONS.

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