2 idiots go camping

Two city idiots decided to go camping in the Rocky Mountains of Colorado.

(it was Memorial Day weekend)

They met at a brewpub in Idaho Springs and sampled several fresh pints with dinner.

(one had humongous fish and chips special)

They retired to a pleasant camp on the edge of a quiet meadow and fired up smuggled Cuban cigars.

(as they reclined in their fold-up chairs)

Idiot #1 chewed on his Cohiba stub like it was a honey soaked nipple; a sudden nicotine flush dropped him to his hands and knees, woods spinning.

(a quick, convulsive heave spewed white chunks of fried fish onto the forest floor)

The next day,  the ambitious duo hiked towards Chicago Lakes planning to climb Mt Evans.

(they put a quad dose plug of Cheeba Chew between their teeth)

The wind was strong and gusty; the intrepid hikers had to reduce their pace to negotiate dozens of difficult blow-downs.

(idiot #2 became so stoned from the chew he had trouble ambulating in 3D space)

Eventually they arrived at upper Chicago Lake tucked into a gorgeous hanging valley surrounded by majestic snowy peaks.

(the buzzheads had enough sense to realize they were in no condition to scale the wall to the summit)

Back at the trailhead, the famished boys headed directly to the Echo Lake Lodge & Restaurant for their post hike meal.

(huge ceiling beams, wide picturesque windows, grandmotherly waitress, and an exquisite selection of pies)

The re-invigorated pair agreed it was a taxing adventure for a couple of middle-age dudes escaping their urban circus.

(their mutual smiles signified an unspoken promise to immediately start planning the next great escape)

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