The Return of Coinstar

When we last saw parsimonious Mr Coinstar, he was a captain in a loose-knit army of scavengers who scoured the city looking for coin or aluminum to be recycled for cash.

Three years ago he resigned his commission in order to accept a position as Chief Financial Officer at Graeme Capital. Their primary investment was in a new student recreation center at a small town college with big city university ambition.

Eventually, Coinstar discovered the incompetent director had been recruited by the basketball coaching staff for the fall season and it would be at least six months before a new director could be hired. The apathetic director cancelled staff meetings and disappeared on his boat for weeks causing the facility operations to deteriorate. The CFO could only watch helplessly as his investment steadily lost value.

Coinstar’s ruthless and amoral nature emerged as he methodically embezzled funds into a personal retirement account. As the date of the imminent staff overhaul approached, crafty Coinstar engineered another successful relocation of his modest family — this time to the more progressive vibe of Durango.

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