Everything in Moderation, Ch 1

Chapter One: Terminus

“Attention Unit 8214, this is your Moderator speaking. You are to report immediately to Quadrant Alpha, Sector 12, Level 31, Corridor 19, Cubicle 87 for modulation.”

Angul is shocked into consciousness by the voice blasting from the speaker near his head. His podmate, Irrel, rushes into the room, “You stupid angularity, what did you do?” Not comprehending his new reality, Angul makes a weak attempt at humor, “Maybe they are giving me the Prime Citizen Award.” With a deadpan face Irrel turns to leave, “You poor extraneous unit.”

Angul steps out of the pod and onto the beltway. As he is conveyed towards the towering Central Module he ignores the endless billboards reinforcing the global mantra: Less is More: Less Violent, Less Severe, Less Extreme. What could he have done to deserve modulation? Although not the most compliant citizen, he had never been cited with an Irregularity and was certainly no Deviant.

Hesitating a moment under the archway adorned with the words Obsequium Supremus (Compliance Above All); Angular Momentum sets course for Central Control.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 2

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