Everything in Moderation, Ch 2

Everything in Moderation, Ch 1

Chapter Two: Breach

“Unit 8214, step forward.”

“The name is Angul”, says the man wearing an outer quadrant ensignia as he approaches the vid screen. Silently the entry to the cubicle forms a solid wall.

“Modulation will commence in 10 seconds…9…8…”

“Wait, why in the void am I getting a cranial reboot?”

Whirrr, beepbeep, panels blinking, “Our monitoring indicates disruptive thoughts, actions or tendencies non-compliant with social harmony…7…6…”

“But I didn’t…”, suddenly a sharp metallic bang shakes the walls of the modulation chamber. A large hole appears and in steps his podmate, Irrel, holding an illegal atomic chisel in his hands.

“Today is your lucky day, widget wanker, I’m saving you from making a colossal mistake!”

They hear deep vibrations of the modulator powering up, “2…1…”

“Come on, premature angulation, WE GOTTA MOVE!”

Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

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