Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

Everything in Moderation, Ch 2

Chapter Three: Tramontane

Two men are waiting in queue at the portal to the frontier lands.

“What are we doing here?”, Angul asks, “I thought you were a bio-mech tech or something.”

Irrel chuckles, “Yeah, I’m a licensed BMT but I prefer the term ‘brilliant misanthropic transformer’.”

“But why are you taking me to the frontier and how will we survive?”

Pointing to the silver discs attached to his ordinary looking utility belt he replies, “I have shelter and food for weeks. As to why….that’s a discussion for calmer times.”

“How are we getting through the portal without authorization?”

“Well my maladroit primogeniture, that is the bug in the program. I will have to temporarily alter your Primary Identity File.”

Angul registers a look of profound realization just as Irrel d’Avant presses a disc on his belt.

“Sweet dreams of electric sheep my android friend.”

Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

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