Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

Chapter Four: Simulacra

The shadows of two humanoid figures dance around a strange combustion of dried organic matter.

“Am I really an android? This can’t be, I’m just an ordinary citizen of Centris.”

“I realize the moment of cybernetic self-awareness is a bit jarring but I don’t have the resources to attenuate your responses right now.”

“Why is this happening to me?”

“When you were called for modulation I knew Central Control was on to me. I had to rescue you before they discovered the malware I inserted in your robotic DNA.”

“What are you saying Irrel? Am I some kind of humanoid virus?”

A  loud disturbance in the brush catches their attention. Suddenly their camp is surrounded by armored militia-bots with disruptors aimed at their heads.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 5


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