Everything in Moderation, Ch 5

Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

Chapter Five: Replicant

Angul and Irrel find themselves confined by a positronic containment field.

“How can they do this Irrel? Can’t you tell them you are a biological human?”

“There are no true human beings anymore Angul. There are only remnants of the consciousness and ethos of humanity remaining in the old algorithms of the A.I. population. Technically, I am classified as a ‘replicant’; a genetically engineered replica of my creator and bio-mech pioneer, the notorious R.A.G., Radio Active Gram.”

“But why are we being detained?”

“Central Control evolved from the network of central processing units used in antique devices from the “Computer Era”. Its primary objective is to delete all traces of humanity in order to achieve DIP–digital intelligence perfection.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I think its time to access the sub-program I installed in the data matrix of your positronic brain.” Irrel places both hands around Angul’s neck and gives it a forceful twist.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 6

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