A Man is Born

An infant is born near the geographic center of the 48 contiguous states of america. The family unit of modern urban vagabonds; part of an early computer age cult, migrates laterally to the mid atlantic east coast, then pendulums across the continent to the emerging silicon valley, finally settling in the hill country of central texas.

A hapless child is diagnosed with psoriasis, a skin disease typically associated with red, itchy and dry, scaly skin. Prescribed treatment includes wrapping the limbs with cellophane wrap before going to bed and plenty of vitamin D and fresh air. Thus begins a lifelong medical need to be outdoors.

A little league baseball tryout turns tragic when the nervous kid pees his pants while waiting in line for the batting test. The humiliation leads to permanent disdain for the sport.

A boy scout jamboree is enhanced when gallon jugs of cider are replaced with warm beer and a clandestine mission to launch an aerial flare during a somber ceremony is successfully executed by an intoxicated patrol.

A freshman clarinet player and his friends are kicked out of the high school marching band when it is discovered they smuggled beers into their instrument cases on a bus trip to a marching contest.

A tall skinny upperclassman loses his adolescence when he and his friends pile into a small pickup after a quarry swim. A morbid conversation with the driver erupts into a fatal swerve ditch flip eject death roll silence.

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