Everything in Moderation, Ch 6

Everything in Moderation, Ch 5

Chapter Six: Neophyte

A hatch door opens with a hissing sigh. First a head then the torso of a human figure emerges from the ovoid chamber.

“Welcome back from your nine year Earth assignment, Uranium 238.”

Radio Active Gram U-238, a fission based humanoid with a half life of 4.47 billion years, born on a planet in the binary system Nirvana-Centralia, stands before his temporal mentor.

“Congratulations on completing the first of three cycles in your training.”

“Thank you, timelord.”

“The Bio-Mech Wars with Centralia are heating up again and we need to send you back to inject more humanoid consciousness into their past.”

“I am ready sir.”

The time travel novice climbs back into the small chamber and closes the hatch. Suddenly the ovoid is gone. In the same instant, R.A.G. U-238 finds himself 2000 years off time-course.

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