Welcome to My Nightmare: Redux

Welcome to my nightmare

I think you’re gonna like it

I think you’re gonna feel you belong

–Alice Cooper

Aloha! You have found your way to my obscure blog of pre-apocalyptic angst on the ninth anniversary of its creation. We know from the pseudoscience of numerology the number 9 is a symbol of wisdom and initiation which holds the path toward mystical knowledge. Nine has all the qualities of numbers 1 through 8, i.e. 1+2+3+4+5+6+7+8=36. Add 3 to 6 to get 9. Nine rotations of this planet around the sun completes a cycle in my Temporal Triptych. 

Please Be Advised: You should NOT proceed to my abstrusive rantings unless you are comfortable with the word salad of James Joyce, the cut and paste prose of William Burroughs or what Allen Ginsberg called the “spontaneous bop prosody” of Jack Kerouac. Other crushing influences include the crude and brutish Bukowski, gonzo journalist Hunter S. Thompson and the OG or original gonzo journalist H.L. Mencken. My subversive style has most often been compared to the modern Sausage Makers such as The Word Butcher and King Kielbasa as well as the dystopic themes of Meat Beat Manifesto.

This site is currently devoted to two ongoing autobiographical projects which can be accessed using the right sidebar. My Walk in the Woods chronicles my hike of the Appalachian Trail in 2008 and Everything in Moderation I ironically refer to as my fun little cyberpunk serial. If you are still viewing and would like a Pu Pu Platter of my favorite twisted essays, link up to these rough cut gems:

Burroughs inspired highly stylized Selections from US Army Survival Manual

A Kerouac tribute actually written On the Road to Fayetteville

An exploration of wickedly angelic Tween Piety in the Nation’s Capital

For those intrepid illiterati investigators who dare descend into Alice’s vortex to find A Lo Hawk’s original nightmare

Happy Trails, The Ephemeral R.A.G.

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