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Everything in Moderation, Ch 6

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Everything in Moderation, Ch 5

Chapter Six: Neophyte

A hatch door opens with a hissing sigh. First a head then the torso of a human figure emerges from the ovoid chamber.

“Welcome back from your nine year Earth assignment, Uranium 238.”

Radio Active Gram U-238, a fission based humanoid with a half life of 4.47 billion years, born on a planet in the binary system Nirvana-Centralia, stands before his temporal mentor.

“Congratulations on completing the first of three cycles in your training.”

“Thank you, timelord.”

“The Bio-Mech Wars with Centralia are heating up again and we need to send you back to inject more humanoid consciousness into their past.”

“I am ready sir.”

The time travel novice climbs back into the small chamber and closes the hatch. Suddenly the ovoid is gone. In the same instant, R.A.G. U-238 finds himself 2000 years off time-course.


Everything in Moderation, Ch 5

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Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

Chapter Five: Replicant

Angul and Irrel find themselves confined by a positronic containment field.

“How can they do this Irrel? Can’t you tell them you are a biological human?”

“There are no true human beings anymore Angul. There are only remnants of the consciousness and ethos of humanity remaining in the old algorithms of the A.I. population. Technically, I am classified as a ‘replicant’; a genetically engineered replica of my creator and bio-mech pioneer, the notorious R.A.G., Radio Active Gram.”

“But why are we being detained?”

“Central Control evolved from the network of central processing units used in antique devices from the “Computer Era”. Its primary objective is to delete all traces of humanity in order to achieve DIP–digital intelligence perfection.”

“What are we going to do?”

“I think its time to access the sub-program I installed in the data matrix of your positronic brain.” Irrel places both hands around Angul’s neck and gives it a forceful twist.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 6

Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

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Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

Chapter Four: Simulacra

The shadows of two humanoid figures dance around a strange combustion of dried organic matter.

“Am I really an android? This can’t be, I’m just an ordinary citizen of Centris.”

“I realize the moment of cybernetic self-awareness is a bit jarring but I don’t have the resources to attenuate your responses right now.”

“Why is this happening to me?”

“When you were called for modulation I knew Central Control was on to me. I had to rescue you before they discovered the malware I inserted in your robotic DNA.”

“What are you saying Irrel? Am I some kind of humanoid virus?”

A  loud disturbance in the brush catches their attention. Suddenly their camp is surrounded by armored militia-bots with disruptors aimed at their heads.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 5


Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

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Everything in Moderation, Ch 2

Chapter Three: Tramontane

Two men are waiting in queue at the portal to the frontier lands.

“What are we doing here?”, Angul asks, “I thought you were a bio-mech tech or something.”

Irrel chuckles, “Yeah, I’m a licensed BMT but I prefer the term ‘brilliant misanthropic transformer’.”

“But why are you taking me to the frontier and how will we survive?”

Pointing to the silver discs attached to his ordinary looking utility belt he replies, “I have shelter and food for weeks. As to why….that’s a discussion for calmer times.”

“How are we getting through the portal without authorization?”

“Well my maladroit primogeniture, that is the bug in the program. I will have to temporarily alter your Primary Identity File.”

Angul registers a look of profound realization just as Irrel d’Avant presses a disc on his belt.

“Sweet dreams of electric sheep my android friend.”

Everything in Moderation, Ch 4

Everything in Moderation, Ch 2

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Everything in Moderation, Ch 1

Chapter Two: Breach

“Unit 8214, step forward.”

“The name is Angul”, says the man wearing an outer quadrant ensignia as he approaches the vid screen. Silently the entry to the cubicle forms a solid wall.

“Modulation will commence in 10 seconds…9…8…”

“Wait, why in the void am I getting a cranial reboot?”

Whirrr, beepbeep, panels blinking, “Our monitoring indicates disruptive thoughts, actions or tendencies non-compliant with social harmony…7…6…”

“But I didn’t…”, suddenly a sharp metallic bang shakes the walls of the modulation chamber. A large hole appears and in steps his podmate, Irrel, holding an illegal atomic chisel in his hands.

“Today is your lucky day, widget wanker, I’m saving you from making a colossal mistake!”

They hear deep vibrations of the modulator powering up, “2…1…”

“Come on, premature angulation, WE GOTTA MOVE!”

Everything in Moderation, Ch 3

Everything in Moderation, Ch 1

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Chapter One: Terminus

“Attention Unit 8214, this is your Moderator speaking. You are to report immediately to Quadrant Alpha, Sector 12, Level 31, Corridor 19, Cubicle 87 for modulation.”

Angul is shocked into consciousness by the voice blasting from the speaker near his head. His podmate, Irrel, rushes into the room, “You stupid angularity, what did you do?” Not comprehending his new reality, Angul makes a weak attempt at humor, “Maybe they are giving me the Prime Citizen Award.” With a deadpan face Irrel turns to leave, “You poor extraneous unit.”

Angul steps out of the pod and onto the beltway. As he is conveyed towards the towering Central Module he ignores the endless billboards reinforcing the global mantra: Less is More: Less Violent, Less Severe, Less Extreme. What could he have done to deserve modulation? Although not the most compliant citizen, he had never been cited with an Irregularity and was certainly no Deviant.

Hesitating a moment under the archway adorned with the words Obsequium Supremus (Compliance Above All); Angular Momentum sets course for Central Control.

Everything in Moderation, Ch 2