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I wanna be an AmericanGirl

Posted in Mental Laxatives with tags on October 20, 2009 by A lo Hawk

Over the weekend I was at a friend’s house and I thumbed through a catalogue I had never seen before. To my surprise, I had stumbled upon the commercial phenomenon of the American Girl dolls.

The AG dolls come with names, backstories and period costumes. You can customize the hair, eyes and skin color and you can order matching outfits for your child.

Of course, there is a huge array of additional doll-size accessories. Many of the items are more expensive than their adult human equivalents. Here are some of my personal favorites:

Hairbrush – $7

A dozen hangers – $8

Eyeglasses – $8 (I assume the optometrist’s prescription is extra)

School Lunch Box (with pretend sandwich, chips and frosted cupcake) – $20

Wheelchair – $30 (yes, you read correctly – a wheelchair for dolls!)

TV DVD player – $40 (I wonder how long today’s tech-savvy kids would play with a pretend TV set?)

Salon Chair – $58

Fondue Set – $68

Tree House – $250

Doll Storage Cabinet – $349 + $20 shipping (I’ll take a half dozen, please)

God bless capitalism, ‘free’ markets and the economic engine of blatant indulgent consumerism!