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October Exercise Log

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1st  Hike (backpack) segments 26 & 27 of the CT with Sled Dog. 28 miles; 24 hours in the wilderness.

2nd  Hike (backpack) final segment 28 of the CT with Sled Dog. 22 miles; 14 hours 40 minutes in the wilderness.

3rd  Cycle class

4th  Cycle class

5th  Yoga, Three sets chins, dips, abs

6th  Cycle class

8th-9th  Watched CMU mtn bike races at Little Park TH. Eating out, drinking, bloating to 198 lbs

10th  Yoga, Three sets chins, dips, abs; Cycle class

11th  Cycle class

12th  Yoga, Athletic training workout

13th  Cycle class, strength workout w/Adam

15-16th  overnight trip to Steamboat Springs

17-18th  Fall break, beautiful weather, easy urban walks

19th  Yoga, 3 sets chest press, lat pull

20th  Cycle class

21st  Yoga, 3 sets chins, dips, abs; 2 hour needle session with TATTOO TOM at Creative Tattoo

23rd  2.5 hour Hike near Mt Lincoln

24th  Yoga, 3 sets chins & dips

25th  Cycle class, Strength workout with Jordan

26th  Yoga, workout with Molly, Cycle class

27th  Cycle class

28th  Yoga, 2.5 hour Hike to summit of Mt Lincoln

30th  2.5 hour Hike foothills of Grand Mesa east of Palisade

31st  Yoga, Cycle class