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Steal Your Face

Posted in Dermagraphology with tags on February 17, 2010 by A lo Hawk

Illustrated Man Series

The disjointed ink history of tattoo enthusiast and collector–

Tatec the Tolerant

Chapter Two: Steal Your Face

The year is 1994 and Tatec has recently relocated to the land of grunge music and neo-primitive body modification.

The previous decade has witnessed an explosion in the popularity of body art and Tatec has decided to commission a new piece of dermal decoration.

He sketched out a design which commemorates his union with his life partner. This partnership is portrayed by the intersection of two spheres of personality:

The male personality is represented by a modified version of the psychedelic Steal Your Face graphic. The female personality is embodied by a yellow rose and stem twisted into the letter ‘S’.

Tatec began buying tattoo porn mags (‘Skin & Ink’, ‘Tattoo Revue’, etc.) and he located all the shops in the city. One day, as he was riding along the popular Burke-Gilman bike trail, he detoured to recon T-n-T Tattoos on the north side of town.

As he rolled up, he spied a heavily-inked-biker-dude languidly smoking a cigarette outside the shop. His name was ‘JJ’, one of three artists who worked there.

Tatec presented his sketch and made an appointment to return in a few days. At the next meeting, he and his spouse approved the design and scheduled needle time for the following Friday afternoon.

They were extremely excited as the hour approached. The three hour ink session injected them both with a physical and mental buzz which lasted for days.

The finished product, adorning the right shoulder, was bold and bright.  For weeks, Tatec shamelessly wore sleeveless shirts so he could flash his new tat.