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Seven Days in December*

Posted in Rancid Recollections with tags , , , , , , , on January 6, 2012 by A lo Hawk

Friday After turning in my grades and loading up the 4wd Pathfinder with snowboard, camping gear and a case of mead from the Meadery of the Rockies; I began a midwest road trip to Kansas and Texas. First stop (after a tasty breakfast burrito in Gunnison) was Monarch ski area where I made my first runs of the season on thin snow.

Back in the car, I drove the rest of the day to a rest stop at the CO/KS border. On a cold, clear evening I pitched my tent in the grass. Moments later a cattletruck (empty, luckily) pulled into the parking area and sat idling the rest of the night only yards from my restless head.

Saturday  With the temperature in the upper teens, I struggled out of my warm cocoon and fumbled to get my camp stove to boil water for some Starbucks Via coffee. Then I warmed up the Pathfinder for the drive across Kansas to my birthplace in Ft Scott.

There I met up with my dad, aunt and cousins. We planned to attend a birthday party the next day for my grandmother who turned 100 years old. I broke out some of the sweet mead during dinner. Even the teetotalers in the family tried it.

Sunday After a big family breakfast, my brother showed up from California. We all headed to the adult care facility in Nevada, Missouri for the party where we met another aunt, uncle, and more cousins. Dad played his antique mandolin and we sang Christmas carols before eating bland white cake and drinking warm cider. It was the biggest family reunion in years and I saw some family members for the first time in decades. Most of us went back to Ft Scott for a big dinner. I sat with my cousins in the living room at a fold-up table and we drank rasberry mead.

Monday With all of the good-byes fading in my ears, I headed south to Texas. It was a smooth drive until I hit Houston rush-hour traffic in the rain.  Hours later I arrived at the home of my old college friend, the Rogue Botanist, in Angleton (or Dungpileton as he calls it). We ate a late TexMex dinner and he showed me his elaborate grow operation.

Tuesday Following breakfast at a nearby diner, R.B. gave me a nice parting gift of weed and Adderall to get me through the rest of the road trip.

A short drive to Edna took me to my mom’s place for a quick overnight stay. She loaded me up with Greg’s awesome brisket and her holiday sweets. We drank fruity mead and I drifted into a food coma. Later, I tried Angry Birds for the first time on her new tablet device.

Wednesday I drove to Austin where I had lunch at fabulous Hula Hut restaurant with another college friend and his family. We went back to his lavishly landscaped home and drank the delightful chocolate flavored mead.  In the evening, I cruised out to another friend’s house in Dripping Springs. We all drank the remaining bottles of mead and smoked weed. After this lubricating appetizer, we had a satisfying TexMex dinner at a new Trudy’s restaurant.

Thursday Today I began a 24 hour odyssey to return home to Grand Junction. I hit icy roads from a recent blizzard in Lubbock and I never got over 50 mph for the entire drive to Montrose, CO. This slow, all-night  journey was aggressively fueled by a revolving cocktail of Adderall, caffeine and weed.

*Sequel to “My First Illicit Prescription Drug”