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On the Road to Fayetteville

Posted in Rancid Recollections with tags , , , , , , , , , , on June 12, 2017 by A lo Hawk

<1> Launch from the Colorado Rockies, turn east at Albuquerque >> blast off across the plains of NM, TX and OK on Interstate 40 fueled by cashews, caffeine and gobbling gummy grams of edible cannabis >> pass through towns with names like Aztec, Poteau, Tecumseh, Sallislaw and the Suessian Zuzax >> brown treeless hills dotted with cholla cactus gradually turns to verdant hills surrounding man-made lakes >> acres of three blade wind turbines rotating in the Texas Panhandle, hold steering wheel tight against gusty crosswind >> stockyard stench, cheap gas, Warning: Hitchhikers May Be Escaped Inmates >> after sunset a lovely stealth campsite on grass next to Tenkiller Dam OK, overhead full moon nightlight shower as I drift to sleep

<2> Morning aviary heaven, cranes and sparrows rejoice, first rays of light touch mirrored surface of lake, hallelujah! >> overgrown and easily overlooked SPIRO MOUNDS contain secrets of a great ancient empire built on high ground above flood plain of Arkansas River >> The Ozarks, Okie Dokie Road, crowds pack Bathhouse Row in Hot Springs National Park >> watch village people Kenton and Christine, caretakers of PACO, old timer from Chihuahua, give an oatmeal bath for fleas in the kitchen sink >> home style vittles at Home Plate restaurant >> Dad strums new Ron Jon guitar from Vietnam

<3> Daddy dearest and I go Rogue >> rows of tables piled with quartz and slag glass, chiggers, zipline physics goes wrong (you need more mass young man and operators knew) >> shuttle to Fayetteville cuz cousin Wryand gettin hitched, Universalist Unitarian temple, tux t-shirts and Jayhawk shoes >> Hog Haus Brewery reception party on balcony overlooking Razorbacks on Dickson Street >> privately Lumpy makes a shocking Black Tar confession

<4> 2:30 am eyes open a crack, bladder release eminent >> fifteen hour push pedal gear steer frenzy –> home, car cabin cacophony therapy to prevent catastrophe >> three sailors of the open road roar past full throttle, Mongols of California on their jackets, bandannas over faces, dark glasses, hair flying straight back, aimlessly drifting across lanes at a hundred miles per >> stoic sentinels of Cadillac Ranch flash by while the radio declares ITS THE END OF THE WORLD AS WE KNOW IT AND I FEEL FINE