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The Vengeance of a Pacifist

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on January 8, 2010 by A lo Hawk

A usually mild-mannered, tolerant man was walking down his street towards home when he passed in front of a neighbor’s house. The man had never met this neighbor but was very familiar with the neighbor’s yard full of highly agitated dogs.  A collection of mixed breeds, the dogs predictably launched into fits of barking, growling and high jumping against the fence whenever pedestrians dared to cross in front of their territory.

On this particular day, one of the obnoxious mutts had escaped its chain link captivity and was racing helter skelter in the front yard. As the unsuspecting man approached, the dog charged towards the sidewalk and surprised the man when it leaped up and bit him on the thigh.

The man became instantly enraged and screamed profanities at the animal sending it into a hasty retreat. Almost blind with rage, the man pulled up his pant leg to check the wound. He saw teeth mark imprints turning red from broken blood vessels but was relieved to discover the skin was not broken.

The seething man, after determining his neighbor was not home, left the scene wondering what he should do. Several days went by and the man, not seriously hurt and not a confrontational person, decided to ignore this minor indignity.

The next day, the man was again passing his neighbor’s house. He noticed a large pile of recyclables left at the curb for pick-up. He determined which bag contained aluminum cans and hoisted the bag over his shoulder. He took the cans to the recycling center for redemption and used the proceeds to purchase a six pack of his favorite microbrew.

That evening, the man enjoyed his beer while watching his alma mater play in the college football championship game. Although his team lost, the man felt satisfied that balance had been restored to his personal cosmos.