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Pathos @ Pike’s Peak

Posted in Dulcet Tomes with tags on August 31, 2009 by A lo Hawk

the old tejas gang reunited at the Divide watering hole

seeking to climb, drinking to rewind, twas August ’09

there was Boddington McGinnis, horseshoe wit of Barr Camp

Backside birthday boy on his virgin conquest

Mooch Papoose busted out the Buffalo bourbon


they were joined by the Drunken Sailor who beat the gang off               Zebulon’s shoulder

a judgment was flaw, a nerve was raw, alert the law

The cowboy king and animal print queen of small town saloon trivial pursuits

don’t forget two guys patiently cruising the byways on their                    Segways with trailers

peculiar Peggy Pepto in her pink jumpsuit pumping her pretty striped coolers with vigor


at last there was the minister of Denny’s in his long draping blue suit of silk

tending his flock, preaching his fashion

an earpiece of electronics in his left; an equal size hairpiece in the right