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Censored from my own thoughts

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , on January 10, 2010 by A lo Hawk

Funny thing…I was preparing a clever search engine experiment where I filled a post with naughty words to see if it would spike my blog traffic. I first got the idea after receiving a large number of views following my post, “My Vasectomy Appointment”.

Besides the standard anatomical terms and sexual slang, my unpublished draft contained humorous (I thought) references to Gold’n Showers Assisted Living Center, Queef┬áLatifa, Gone Fistin’ Bumper Stickers, Welch’s 100% Felch juice, and Got Drty┬áSanchez?.

Because I don’t own a computer, I do most of my blogging from the local public library. The day after creating my draft, I returned to the library to edit it for publication. Imagine my surprise when I was blocked from accessing my blog because of software filtering out ‘pornographic’ content!

As you can see, I eventually logged on and edited the original post. Ha, ha, joke’s on me — Momus Enormous.