My 2012 Resolutions

  1. Get a Medical Marijuana Card (USPS delivery from the state of Colorado in April!)
  2. Get more tattoos (accomplished in March in Durango)
  3. Climb Long’s Peak with friends
  4. Backpack a section of the CDT with my trail dog
  5. Coerce my adventure friends to sleep in a snow cave & climb a 14er in winter (not accomplished)
  6. Explore the Sangre de Christos
  7. Run the IPR with my old Texas running buddies
  8. Do more mountain biking
  9. Run the Kokopelli Trail in segments as training for the Canyonlands half marathon (partly accomplished before the race)
  10. Plum the depths of hedonistic depravity leading up to the faux mayan apocalypse on 12/21/2012
  11. Continue to practice Art of War principles at the workplace to maintain tactical advantage (ongoing & successful)
  12. Clean up the man cave (obligatory spousal request) (partially complete)
  13. Hike into the West Elks

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